AutomationDay 2022

14 septembre, 2021

5 Ideas to Boost Engagement

Creating great content that stands out boosting lead conversion is tricky stuff. 

We all understand content marketing is critical to growth, just as we understand content marketing is getting harder every day due to the tsunami of content overwhelming us. 

The question is, how can you create content that stands out and attracts? 

What You’ll Learn 
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About Appvizer: 
Appvizer helps professionals find the software that will make them more competitive allowing them to work more pleasantly on a daily basis. 

About Stephen Lurie: 
Steve Lurie is Director of, Appvizer’s English business unit, and self-appointed Chief Disruption Officer. Born in California near Silicon Valley to a family of serial entrepreneurs, Steve has held innovative roles in business development, marketing, sales, and leadership in technology and other industries. 

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