AutomationDay 2021

2018 Edition

Throughout the day,  we had conferences in the Assembly of the Region Hall on topics around marketing automation and inbound marketing. Our speakers shared their experiences and exchanged on current relevant topics.

The OpenSource world and the future of MarTech

9h30-10h30 Presented by DB Hurley - Founder of Mautic (conference in English) 

Everyone is curious to know what will happen in the world of MarTech. The environment is quickly growing with more than 8000 marketing tools. How can you know which tool to choose? Why? What makes OpenSource so special and why  is it the best way to create the future of MarTech?

No bullshit: let's talk about the issues behind your marketing organization

10h30-11h30 Presented by Manuel Diaz - CEO of Emakina 

The whole truth, nothing but the truth ... Count on Manuel Diaz and Arnaud Le Roux to shed light on the backdrop of the stakes behind your marketing organization!

Digital transformation in B2B: the example of Cash in Time

11h30-12h30 Presented by Raphaël Dewan - E-Marketing Manager at Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring for Cash in Time 

At this conference, Raphaël Dewan will discuss the subject of innovation in B2B. He will present Cash in Time, a solution that meets the cash flow needs of companies with a totally disruptive offer in the factoring market. Built with the help of 450 business leaders and 90 Crédit Agricole customer advisers, Raphaël Dewan presents the key to success in leading a real digital transformation in the B2B sector.

Emailing strategy: best practices for not falling into spam

14h00-15h00 Presented by Boris Leconte - Head of Customer Success at Mailjet 

Discover the principles of deliverability, which is defined by the ability of a message to reach the recipient's main inbox. Boris will then detail the best practices to prevent your emails from falling into the spam folder of your contacts, which will allow you to significantly increase the performance of your emailing campaigns and thus your ROI.

Round table: CRM 2.0

15h00-16h00 Presented by Arnaud Le Roux with the participation of Timetonic, Sellsy & INESCRM 

Integrating tools like CRM into your organization and with marketing automation has become indispensable. Appointment with Jean-Michel Durocher, TimeTonic CEO, Sébastien Henrot, INESCRM Managing Director & Jonas Couffignal, Head of acquisition at Sellsy.

Data governance: what the GDPR has changed

16h00-16h30 Presented by Sabine Lipovetsky – Lawyer at Harlay Avocats 

GDPR profoundly changes the regulation on the protection of personal data (accountability, strengthening of obligations, etc.). Given the importance of the new sanctions, compliance tools need to be adopted. Assessment and Decryption of good practices 4 months after the application of the GDPR.

Demystifying Cloaking in SEO

17h00-18h00 Presented by Nicolas Jean - SEO Expert at Nikozen 

Commonly deprecated techniques in a SEO / SEO strategy can currently be reused to optimize your marketing message without hindering your SEO results.