AutomationDay 2021

What is a cookie? 

Cookies are files stored in your browser by the sites you visit. This is a common practice used by most websites. Our site uses cookies to improve your experience by recording your preferences and by activating other features based on cookies (such as analysis tools). 

Our cookies 

When you submit data via a form, cookies can be used to record certain information about you for future use. In order to improve your experience, we must use cookies. The information stored in cookies allows us to retrieve your information each time you interact with a page. 

Third party cookies 

In some cases, we also use third-party cookies such as Google Analytics. These analytics services provide us with data about your navigation, which allows us to improve our content.


How to disable cookies? 

Most browsers offer you the possibility to refuse the use of cookies. Check the “tools” or “help” section of your browser. Disabling cookies could however affect some features of this site or others. That’s why we recommend that you do not disable them.